Basic Info 2016

January 22, 2016

Thessaloniki has a unique and active movie audience. However, we at Taratsa are more than happy to welcome every August both locals and visitors who happen to be in the city (or even better, visiting with the intention to get in touch with the Taratsa experience!

All Taratsa IFF screenings are open to the public.
The screening venues open at 20:30.
Seating takes place in a priority order.
No reservations are available.

The rooftops
(T1-T4 will host the International Competition screenings, T5-T7 will host the Parallel Screenings)

T1     TCCI (Thessaloniki Chamber of Commerce & Industry) 29, Tsimiski str. Capacity: 120
T2     ESIEMTH (Northern Greece Journalists Association) 5, Kallari str. Capacity: 50
T3     TIF-HELEXPO (Emilios Riadis Hall) 154, Egnatia str. Capacity: 200
T4     B.A.TH. (Bar Association of Thessaloniki) 103, Tsimiski & Vyronos str. (entrance at Isavron str.) Capacity: 50
T5     Secret Terrace Lounge 13, Lagada str.
T6     Urania Bar 7, Kapodistriou str.
T7     Pavilion 6, TIF-Helexpo, 154, Egnatia str.

Basic information
For all terraces
– The entrance to the screenings’ venues is free and takes place in a priority order.
– T1, T4 and T5 terraces have accessibility facilities.
– There are no reservations, except for people with disabilities and for specific terraces (T1, T4 and T5) via email ( until August 22nd.
– Feel free to use your camera. Just make sure the flash is off.
– No food is allowed during the screenings.
– The Taratsa IFF staff and volunteers are not responsible for keeping your personal items (bags, jackets, etc), pets or anything else.
For terraces T1-T4
– Once you enter, you will receive a token, which you will return at the venue’s front desk when you’ ll leave. This way, we can make sure that we’re not exceeding the venue’s capacity. Also, you will get a ballot for the festival’s Audience Award, in which you can fill in the title of your favourite movie and place it in the ballot box placed at the entrance.
– You can enjoy your drink (beer or water) but only the ones you will get from the venue’s Frozen Spots. The Spots will be open from 20:30 to 21:30, during the screenings’ 10′ intermission, and after the ending of the screenings. Also, in terraces T2, T3 and T4 you will find our Merchandising Points, where you will be able to buy the Festival’s official programme, bags, t-shirts and notepads.

The programme
You can download the entire 2016 programme here Taratsa IFF Programme 2016. (notice: New location for terrace T7, Pavilion 6, TIF-Helexpo, 154, 154, Egnatia str.)

Getting around
Even though some of August’s nights belong to Taratsa IFF, there’s more to see in Thessaloniki -especially during the day. Our tips and proposals will be included in our mini guide, which you will find in the official programme. (see above)